March 2017

[ASK AN EXPERT] Six Reasons You Are Not Getting More Inquiries from Your Website

[SOCIAL PROOF] The Testimonials Most Wedding People Forget About Getting

[INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS] Test Your Website Using Google Safe Search

[INTERNET MARKETING TOOLS] Two Free Tools to Test YourWebsite for Malware

[CONVERSION] Get More Phone Calls From Your WordPress Website

[PERSONAL BEST] 10 Common Traits of Successful People

[CONVERSION] Conversion: The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing (snippets from Chris Jaeger’s upcoming book “1000 Things Every Business Owner & Manager Should Know About Internet Marketing.”)

[TOOLS] Internet Marketing Tools – Analytics and SEO

[PODCASTS] 21+ Popular Business & Marketing Podcasts

[WORDPRESS] How To Choose a Good Plugin (WordPress Best Practices)

[WORDPRESS] Use This Plugin to Get Notified That Your WordPress Site Needs Attention

[CONVERSION] [WORDPRESS] Use This WordPress Plugin to Create More Impact at Your Website

[SALES 101] Give Brides What They Want (close more sales more consistently and more easily)

[CONVERSION] 20+ Things You Can Do To Book More Weddings

[UPCOMING MEMBERS-ONLY COURSE] How to Create and Use Takeaways to Get More Leads and Book More Weddings

[UPCOMING MEMBERS-ONLY COURSE] Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Get Top Ranked at Google

[CONVERSION] Not Getting Inquiries From Your Website (or want more?) – Check F.O.S.T.E.R.

[DISASTER RECOVERY] It’s Not “IF” It’s When: Are You Prepared When Disaster Strikes?

February 2017


[CONVERSION] This Internet Marketing Technique Will Help You Book More Weddings

[SALES] How Many Follow-ups Does It Take To Close a Sale

[FACEBOOK] 11 High Impact Facebook Post Ideas

[FACEBOOK] How to Get Better Results From Your Facebook Business Page (20+ Tips)

[WEBSITE DESIGN] Responsive Website Design Creates Better Conversion, More Inquiries, and More Sales

[MANAGING YOUR BUSINESS] Management Advice to Increase Productivity and Improve Product Delivery

[ASK AN EXPERT] HELP. Our New Website Isn’t Working

[HOW TO] How To Remove a Bad Review at Yelp!

[BEST PRACTICES] How to Check for Bad Links at Your Website (and why you should)

[ASK AN EXPERT] Do You Need a Secured Certificate for Your Website

[INSTAGRAM] Don’t Forget These Very Important Hashtags (many people do!)

[BEST PRACTICES] Improving Your Personal Productivity

[INSTAGRAM] Hashtags for Instagram (popular wedding related hashtags)

[FACEBOOK] 40+ Best Practices When Using Facebook

[TERMS YOU SHOULD KNOW} Turn Inquiries Into Appointments & Sales Using a PILP

January 2017

[MOBILE] Does Your Website Pass the Google Mobile-Friendly Test

[CONVERSION] Get More Inquiries from Your Website Using TARP

[BEST PRACTICES] Improve Your Online Visibility and Reach High-End Brides

[BEST PRACTICES] Should You Use an Auto-responder with Online Inquiries

[WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION] 20 Point Do-It-Yourself Website Evaluation (w/downloadable checklist)


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